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We will periodically add another "tip" or "rant" that we hope will help clients make more informed decisions on list rental.  For many reasons, much of what you will read is not talked about in the industry.  But, if we are truly "client-friendly," then it is our responsibility to share the knowledge that we have gained over the last 25+ years in the compilation and list acquisition fields to help clients make better decisions.

Not too many years ago, compiled lists were looked at as cheap, low quality lists that were best used for saturation mailings.  There were only a handful of real compilers...and traditional brokers largely stayed away from incorporating these files into their campaigns.  But today, compiled files are offered by many different companies and include an array of selections that are integrated into campaigns of all types, including those of the most affluent mail offers.  The increase in use of the compiled names can be attributed to:

  • Mailer's need for more and more names
  • A better understanding of compiled lists by list brokers
  • A much larger selection of compiled lists
  • Shrinking universes on response lists
  • Lifestyle and Mail Order overlays
  • Internet compiled lists
  • More current update cycles

All of this is great for the compiled industry, as well as for the mailers that utilize them correctly.  But be careful- many of the positive aspects of the state of compiled lists are also the areas where you need to be extra cautious.
** Tips and Rants ** 

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