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We Offer:

FREE Recommendations!
FREE Consultation!
FREE List Counts!

For your campaign
we will...

  • Use the most comprehensive choice of mailing, email and telemarketing lists

Our company has access to every list on the market today. (Over 60,000!)

  • Negotiate the lowest price for every list

Other companies will only negotiate pricing when placing a large order, but we strive to secure the lowest price for every ordered list.

  • Provide the best customer service in the business

We offer top-level service to mailers of all campaign sizes. We continue to base our attentive service around the client and their needs.

  • Make the smartest list recommendations

Our brokers brainstorm all list possibilities to ensure we suggest the best combination of lists so that your business draws in as many new customers as possible.

  • Discount rates for non-profit, charitable organizations

Our Non-Profit Charitable clients enjoy added discounts.

We are proud to support these organizations with a monetary donation for every order placed though Borelli Direct.

Additional Services:

    • Merge/Purge
    • NCOA
    • Data Modeling
    • Survey Placement
    • Data Appending
    • 1-Stop Service: List, Print and Mail

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